Meet OurCheff's


Michaelangelo Larive


Chef Michaelangelo has over 14 years’ experience in the culinary industry. From fast casual to fine dining Michaelangelo has done it all! He will say that from his country roots, he is a meat and potato’s guy through and through. However, his vast skills and in-depth knowledge of the Culinary Arts lends to him the ability to create fantastic dishes. Whether your needs are the result of a busy lifestyle, dietary restrictions or to throw a soiree, Chef Michaelangelo has you covered!  Michaelangelo is a member of the United State Personal Chef Association ( and ServeSafe certified.

Tim Delaney


Everybody, meet Chef Tim!

Tim has been a fantastic addition to OurCheff with his in-depth culinary knowledge only slightly superseded by his absolute passion for food and people. If you have a culinary query, he has the answer!

Chef Tim's dedication for food, coupled with his 15 years of leading restaurants, frequently leads him to a local table. If you are looking for a new delicious restaurant recommendation, Tim is your guy!

ServSafe Certified.


Michael Orrico


Chef Mike! Coming at you with over a decade of honed culinary skills and a personality that goes right along with that mustache! Chef Orrico has spent the length of his career focused on technique and the tiny details, learning from high level chefs in multiple countries! An extremely well rounded chef with a particular love for German and Asian cuisine. If you want it, Chef Mike will make it happen! Looking for a seat at a Tampa restaurant? Chef Mike knows a guy!

ServeSafe certified.