Personal Chef Services

Weekly Chef-Prepared Meal Plans

Say Goodbye to Meal Prep!

Our Clients Include

As a client of OurCheff, you no longer need to worry about what's for dinner because everything is already done. No more spending a few hours each evening to plan, cook, serve, and clean up after dinner. Your saved time is now your own again—spend it any way you like!

  • Busy professionals
  • Active families
  • Singles and couples who get tired of adjusting recipes for just one or two servings
  • Vacationers looking for an alternative to takeout
  • Seniors or part-time Floridians
  • Patients recovering from surgery or an accident
  • New moms
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How It Works


Our process starts with an initial phone conversation to answer questions and schedule an in-home appointment.
The in-home consultation will determine likes, dislikes, allergies, and any special diets to be taken into account during meal planning. We will also get a chance to see the kitchen setup and equipment.

Create a Custom Plan

As your personal chef, our team will do all the customized meal planning based on your family's preferences and dietary needs. You will approve the menu items in advance of the scheduled cook day. We also provide all the grocery shopping for our in-home cooking services.

Cook In-Home

On cook day we will prepare, package, label, and store all food in the refrigerator or freezer in the home. Each package label will include the dish name, heating instructions, and time frame for when the food should be consumed. Service also includes cleanup and kitchen sanitizing to restore it to its pre-cook condition or better.

In-home Meal Prep Services

Serving St Pete, Sarasota, Bradenton and South Tampa Bay, OurCheff is quickly becoming the most trusted provider of personal chef solutions to suit your specific needs.  Please contact us for a consultation about your meal prep needs and pricing.

  • How much money do you spend each week on groceries, pledging to start cooking, only to see them waste away in the refrigerator
  • With weekly meal prep service, we turn those raw ingredients into fabulous meals, ready to eat in minutes
  • We make menu suggestions each week, adding variety to your customized meals
  • We take over the grocery shopping too
  • Hate doing dishes? Cleaning those nasty pots and pans is our job
  • Have dinner on the table in a matter of minutes.
  • Receive up to 5 meals (entrée and side) each cook day
  • Four servings of each meal is packaged into containers
  • Offering weekly and bi-weekly services
  • Eating healthy doesn't require extra work with our chefs preparing your meals
  • Personalized meals, right down to the ingredient level
  • Bypass that drive through window, your healthy meal is waiting for you in the refrigerator
  • What will you do with all the extra time this service just saved you

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